How to Easily Widen a Bathroom Doorway with Offset Hinges

Are you looking for an easy way to widen a bathroom doorway? Unfortunately, most doorways are too narrow for wheelchairs, scooters, and walkers. It is difficult to get a wheelchair through your door if it’s too little. Wider doors are better for everyone, but they’re tough to install.

Here is a solution that’s easy and affordable. Offset hinges make it possible to widen your door by 2 inches without special tools or construction skills. It’s the easiest way to bring more accessibility into your home.

Perhaps it’s a doorway that leads into an accessible bathroom or even one that leads into an office space requiring wheelchair access. Whatever the reason for your project may be, offset hinges are crucial to making this change happen.

Installing offset hinges offers a quick and easy solution to this problem, which you can do yourself. This article will show you how to install offset hinges on any accessible doorway in your home.

With an offset hinge system, you can instantly increase your doorway width without the hassle and require no expensive renovations. This simple design gives you an instant 2″ of extra space at a fraction of the cost of widening the entire doorway frame.

The installation process is so fast, and simple anyone can do it in just minutes – no need for custom carpentry work or costly renovations.

Your new wider opening will be ready in less than 30 minutes from start to finish!

What is an Offset Hinge?

Offset hinges are a kind of pivot hinge. A pivot hinge allows the door to swing open and closed, but offset hinges will enable you to move the door both horizontally and vertically.

Set-back Hinge, Swing-Away Door Hinge, Expandable Door Hinge are other names for an offset hinge.

To offset a conventional door, you have to remove the existing hinges from the door and replace them with offset hinges.

Swing-away door hinges are very easy to install. They’re also available in various designs and sizes, with most using the same screws and holes as current hinges.

Expandable door hinges move the door completely out of the opening, creating an unobstructed pathway for wheelchair and walker users. They’re also perfect for anyone who wants to make their home more accessible.

How Does an Offset Hinge Widen a Bathroom Doorway?

Offset hinges are a type of hinge that is mounted offset from the doorframe. The hinges allow the door to open wider than with traditional hinges.

An offset hinge makes a room accessible for wheelchairs and walkers. They are easy to install, inexpensive, and will make your life much easier.

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How to Easily Widen a Bathroom Doorway

When you or someone in your home needs a wheelchair, it can be challenging and expensive to accommodate the space by expanding doorways.

Standard size door frames of about 30-32 inches width make it challenging to open and close the door with a wheelchair safely.

Install offset hinges on a conventional door to add two inches of width to the opening. The extra 2″ allows wider doorways for wheelchairs and walkers while still allowing people in wheelchairs or walkers to exit normally through the door.

How to Select Offset Hinges For Your Existing Door

Offset hinges are available in various sizes and styles to match your door.

Look for hinges that are the same size, finish, and style as your existing hinges.

Take a look at the corners of your existing hinges. Are they rounded or square? Do your current hinges have three screws or four? Are there two hinges on your door or three?

How much do Offset Hinges Cost?

Offset hinges cost around $15-20 per pair. This cost is a small price to pay for making your home more accessible and safe, plus it’s cheaper than expanding the doorframe and having to replace the surrounding trim.

Tools & Materials You May Need to Widen a Bathroom Doorway

  • Offset Hinges
  • Screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • Hammer
  • Sandpaper (medium-grade)
  • Putty Knife
  • Protective Gear
  • Cordless Drill/Driver & Drill Bits (optional)
  • Safety Goggles
  • Step Ladder (if the door is hard to reach)
  • Putty Tape
  • Toothpicks (metal or plastic)

How to Install Offset Hinges

STEP 1: Remove the Existing Hinges

To install offset hinges, first, remove the old hinge pins from the door and doorframe.

STEP 2: Install the Hinges

When you install offset hinges, leave the two hinge pins closest to the existing hinge side of the door in place.

STEP 3: Reattach the Door

Reattach the original door with offset hinges by inserting the top pin into the new offset hinge and inserting the bottom pin into the old hinge.

Reinsert the hinge pins, checking to ensure they fit properly into place.

Step 4: Check the Door

Make sure the door opens and closes properly. If it’s hard to open or difficult to latch, you may need to add a small screw through the hinge pin holes in both hinges.

These hinges are easy to install and offer a cost-effective solution that will widen your doorways without breaking the bank or requiring significant renovations.

Plus, these swing clear offset hinges come in a variety of finishes, including bronze, brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, and satin nickel! You can’t go wrong with this product.

The Benefits of Installing offset Hinges on a Doorway

  • offset hinges can add up to two inches of width to the door
  • offset hinges are easy to install
  • offset hinges allow the door to open wider, making it easier for people in wheelchairs or walkers to get through

Offset hinges are a great way to widen doors without cutting into the doorframe. You can add up to two inches of width to the door by using offset hinges.

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