The Handicap Toilet

Update and renovate your current toilet to a handicapped toilet. The height of a toilet in a handicapped bathroom should be between 17 inches and 19 inches. Mount grab bars on the bathroom wall or use a free-standing grab bar adapter for the toilet. These two adjustments to the toilet make it easier and safer to use.

Begin by measuring the length of your current toilet. The normal toilet is 14” from the floor to the top of the toilet bowl. The ADA recommended height is 17 inches to 19 inches. This allows for easier use of the toilet, especially for taller people.

Wall Hanging Toilet

A wall-hanging toilet can have the height adjusted to your needs. There is no plumbing at the floor and this leads to easier cleaning.
Install Grab Bars

Grab bars help a handicapped person get on and off the toilet. They offer a secure and safe place to grab. Grab bars can be mounted on the wall, or attached to the toilet. Swing grab bars allow for easy access to the toilet by other members of the family.

Measure the Space around the Toilet
The minimum amount of space in front of the toilet should be 18 inches and on the side of the toilet 42 inches. These are the minimums and more clear space would be advantageous.

Adapting Your Current Toilet

Handicap Toilet

A standard toilet can easily and quickly be adjusted by adding a toilet seat adapter. These are plastic seats that replace the current seat that you have and are screwed to the toilet.

A higher toilet seat makes it easier to get on and off the toilet. The attached handlebars help with getting up and down.

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Use a Toilet Platform
A toilet platform is put on the floor under the toilet to raise the height of the toilet.

Install a Bidet
A bidet is used to clean and dry after using the toilet. Bidets attach to the toilet and allow warm water and dry air for cleaning and drying.

Video: How to Install a Raised Toilet Seat