Luxury Handicap Bathrooms

How to Remodel a Luxury

Handicap Bathroom

Remodel a luxury handicap bathroom to include amenities such as a full-body shower massage, warming drawers for towels and a heated toilet seat. After a long hard day of work, the luxury bathroom becomes a sanctuary. It provides plenty of space to relax while soaking in a walk-in tub and viewing a fireplace that offers warmth and relaxation. The colors are soft and relaxing creating a spa in your own home. Design and remodel your bathroom into a handicapped luxury bathroom by following the ADA guidelines and adding the luxury amenities.

Create a large space for your luxury bathroom. Merge your current bathroom with an adjoining room by knocking out a wall and opening up space. Check to make sure that the wall you remove is not a load bearing wall.

Make part of the space into a private toilet room. Build a three-sided wall around the toilet. Install a toilet with a heated seat, automatic lid raiser, and flusher. Add a bidet for cleaning and an air dryer in the toilet room. Include handrails around the toilet.

Install water massage jets in the shower. Use decorative ceramic tiles on the walls and floor of the shower to create an artistic look in the bathroom. Make the shower a no-threshold shower for easy access with a wheelchair.

Design and install a long vanity that includes his and her sinks. Use a granite top with an ogee edge. Install a faucet with an automatic sensor for turning the water on. Install a warming drawer in the vanity to provide warm towels. Provide and open area under the sink to access with a wheelchair.

Select a mirror with a decorative frame. Install the mirror above the vanity on an angle that allows for a person sitting down to see themselves. Install a makeup mirror with a swing arm next to the vanity at about 42 inches.

Paint the bathroom walls with water inspired hues of color. Avoid bright bold colors or trendy colors.

Install a mural of a tropical beach along a wall near the tub. Hang a few pieces of artwork on the other walls. Hang a wall mounted fireplace opposite the tub to view while soaking. Place a TV above the fireplace.

Add Those Special Touches

  • Use luxurious towels for comfort.
  • Place a vase of fresh flowers on the counter for freshness.
  • Hang his and her robes.
  • Light candles for a romantic setting.

Things That You Will Need

  • Heated toilet with automatic lid raiser
  • Bidet
  • Vessel sink
  • Warming drawer
  • Massage water jets
  • Ceramic tiles
  • Granite top
  • Paint
  • Mural
  • Wall mounted fireplace

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