How to Find the Best Tub Seat
for a Handicapped Bathroom

A tub seat is made to be used in a shower or tub and offers safety and accessibility in a handicapped bathroom. They are made out of a waterproof material such as plastic or teak wood. They provide safety for bathing; help to prevent falls and allows a person to take a comfortable shower or bath. There are many different kinds of shower chairs. They range from a bench style, to a chair with a back, attached grab bars, bath accessory holders and others have a power lift for getting in and out of the tub. Analyze your needs and choose the best tub seat that is right for you.

The tub transfer chair extends over the side of the tub. It allows you to sit down on the outside of the tub and then swing your legs over into the tub. One variety of this type of chair is a chair that swivels allowing you to sit down on the outside of the tub and then you lift your legs into the tub and swiveling into place.

Bench style tub seats offer extra seating for a large person.

The powered bath lift chair works on battery power it works by lowering you down into the tub to take a bath. This type of chair is a good choice for someone who has a standard bathtub and is unable to get in and out of the tub.

When selecting a tub seat for a bathtub measure the inside dimension of the tub and be sure there is enough space to fit the legs of the tub seat inside of the tub. The height of the tub seat is usually adjustable, but the width can be a problem in narrow tubs.

Always check the weight recommendation for any tub seat or shower chair that you are considering.

For a roll-in shower a shower commode wheelchair is a good choice. These allow you to roll-in the shower to bathe without transferring to a tub seat.

Tub seats are also called shower chairs, bathtub seats, bath chairs or bath seats. These chairs are easy to clean and provide comfort and safety in a handicapped bathroom.

Video: How to Use a Bath Tub Transfer Bench